Heyyy.  Mary here, alias Cormorant Tree Oh, and I am a multi-disciplinary artist and musician from Dublin, Ireland.  I take inspiration from folk, psychedelia, horror soundtracks and nature field recordings, though I would say experimenting with instruments I don't really know how to play is what shapes my sound the most.  For years I had resigned myself to never performing  live and I shyed away from working with other musicians.  This self imposed isolation also shaped how I approached music making. In recent times I have begun to get over my stagefright, with a milestone gig supporting Lankum in Vicar Street proving a real turning point.
I have two albums under my belt so far.  My first self titled album came out in 2018 followed by Swoontide in 2022, which was released through Trapped Animal Records. My third album will be released Autumn 2024.  
The Thin Air described me as 'one of the country's most compelling experimental solo artists' which is pretty cool.  

CONTACT: maryd_angles@yahoo.co.uk